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    Sometimes I find myself in trouble with BforArtists tools location.

    I think my problem as to do with discoverability.

    While BforArtists is much better than Blender on this aspect, I think we could really use some help.

    I see at least 2 recurrent situations where I feel lost in BforArtists :

    1. By following a Blender tutorial and read or hear that you need to use such shortcuts or goes through such menu to do X

    2. By knowing a fundamental tool is available (from previous modeling tool experiences) like Baking Normal Map or Flip Edges, but without knowing his name or his place in BforArtists.

    I can admit that a good Google skill could potentially address this problem but you quickly waste your time reading chapters of nothingness.

    However, there is already a tool that could be an excellent ally in this problem of discoverability.

    The Search Menu (Space shortcut key)

    For example, if you type “Inset” it says Mesh (for Blender Mesh menu maybe ?).

    Why not something like Tools > Mesh Tools • Inset and the related icon ?

    For those who wonder how to know what SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + C does, there is always the BforArtists User Preferences > Input

    On this tab, change the Name value to Key-Binding and type ctrl alt shit c to find what it does. Of course, for this to work you need to first use the Blender Key map as the default key configuration.

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    For example, if you type “Inset” it says Mesh (for Blender Mesh menu maybe ?).

    No, it’s because it’s a mesh operator :)

    We know the problem of finding the tools. In Blender it’s even worse. The tool can be everywhere. And they have solved it by having it everywhere then.The double menu entries are legendary. We try to provide just one location for the tool. And try our best to sort and provide the tools in a better, more accessible and intuitive manner. This task is still work in progress. And needs more time.

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