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    I have been struggling with the all encompassing Blender over the years, less so when the menu system became sane. I am glad I found this cut down version for Artists.

    I have tried many times to work with Blender to render the models I sell on Unity, Unreal, Sansar and others. Most Apps/Programmes I tried, of which are either written by those that like command line code switches, and probably DOS, and beg the question why they use Windows OS in the first place :dash:  Then the next level is insane amounts of money which is a farce as none of them wrote the rendering engine in the first place, just wrapped it in some quirky editor

    Then I came across this little beauty. :heart:


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    You’re welcome 🙂

    It is not cut down though. It has the same feature set than Blender. Just with an improved UI 🙂

    Kind regards


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