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    My default assumption is that I’m loosing my mind, but after some degree of research, I cannot fing either the group objects command nor the group submenu in bforartists.


    In the PDF manual, the Group submenu should be under the Object menu (which I cannot find):



    There is a Grouped submenu under the Select menu, but I don’t believe that is what I’m looking for. 

    Can anyone provide some guidance?  Thanks!



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    This menu has now moved to Collections under the outliner. You can no-longer do groups with Bforartists 2, but you can use a system called Collections to do it. The documentation may need updating.

    I have attached some screens so you can either add the hotkeys to make groups (M in Blender) from the 3D viewport.

    I have also attached to show you where the group/collection menu is in the outliner.



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    The reason why we moved the menu to the outliner is that we prefer to have all similar functionality at one place if even possible. And not cluttered across several menus and editors like in Blender. And the outliner is the place to deal with objects and collections. So this move was just logical.

    The manual is still work in progress, and may need serveral more months until it is finished. But this menu should be mentioned in the current available parts of the manual already. I’ll have a look.

    Beware of a possible hotkey conflict with hotkey M. This is our hotkey to mark a seam in edit mode.

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    Understood, thanks Reiner.  I hope this thread is a benefit to others as well until the docs get updated.

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