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    The Blender code quest ends. And the Blender developers have announced the further roadmap. And it seems that we have finally a date when the Blender 2.8 branch will be merged into the master.

    August 12: Beta Release


    Six weeks to go. Our current focus is at the manual anyways. So this one fits perfect.

    What worries me most here is that all addons gets disabled, and that they ask for rewrites then. Seems that they do some big changes how addons gets handled, and what is allowed with them. We have quite a few important new addons in Bforartists for vital parts. The toolbar for example relies at an addon …

    We will see, and cross this bridge when we arrive at it :)

    – Reiner

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    That concerns me also. But we will figure it out. Glad there are dates now.


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