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    I tried to do some weightpainting in Bforartists 2. Parenting was already a challenge. Doesn’t work in Pose mode anymore. Then i wanted to switch bones. And couldn’t manage to get it to work. Then i tried it in Blender 2.80 with both keymaps, the old and the new one. Also no luck. A few google searches later i had at least Lock Object Modes* in the edit mode disabled to be able to switch between armature and mesh. But i have still not found the way to switch to another bone. So that i can weightpaint it.

    *This is a task. This does not belong into this menu. It’s a setting for the user preferences. Just not sure what to do with it, if the user preferences is really the best place for it.

    Either way, can it be that weightpainting is plain broken at the moment? Or is there a working workflow?

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    1. Turn off Lock Object Mode

    2. Put your armature into pose mode

    3. Select your mesh

    4. Go to weight paint

    5. Hold down CTRL then Lclick on the bone you want to weight paint

    6. Paint


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    Ah, ctrl was it. Dunno why i thought it is alt …

    Thanks Draise :)

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