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    Hello Friends,

    There is a new Blender version available, and so we release a new version too. We have released a new version of Bforartists, Version 3.1.0.
    Bforartists is a fork of the popluar open source 3D software Blender. With the goal to improve the graphical UI and usability.

    The binary downloads can as usual also be found in the download section of the official webpage. www.bforartists.de/download/
    The sourcecode can be found at Github. github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/releases/tag/v3.1.0
    And the release note is here: www.bforartists.de/release-notes/

    Bforartists 3 Version 3.1.0 is a maintenance release. It comes with all the changes from Blender 3.1.0, and with the usual changes to keep Bforartists consistent and compatible with Blender. The last release 3.0.1 was just a month ago. So the number of changes in this version is expectable low.

    Many thanks to the team!

    Have fun with the new version. Enjoy Bforartists 🙂


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