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    My 2 cents on 3 fundamentals shortcuts : Translate, Rotate & Scale

    Blender chooses a weird G for Translate could make sense if you say G for “Grab”.

    BforArtists goes for WER… ?

    W for Translate ?

    E to …rotate ?

    R to scale (could make sense if you say R for “Resize”).

    It’s probably fine for a right-handed and Qwerty keyboard but it’s really bad on Azerty keyboard (which give ZER).

    Of course you can change the shortcut in the settings but Z is already used for the Z axis which is very important and while I give it a try : Z default functionalities were all messed-up (like if all command wasn’t available as shortcuts).

    Why not TRS ?

    T for Translate

    R for Rotate

    S for scale

    T is only used to show the Tool shelf which should not be that important since BforArtists is UI centric (better use UI to toggle it).

    What I finally did is choosing the Blender Key Map and goes with G for “Grab” since it’s quicker and easy to remember.

    But I guess it’s counter productive for BforArtists.

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    We have chosen the WER keys since it’s the common navigation keys in many other software.

    When you prefer other navigation keys then you need to modify them to your needs :)

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    Yeah.. WER  is standard in almost all major 3d Apps. Maya, Max, Unreal, and others.

    They are common keys you press all the time.  having them together beside each other works. 

    Which countries uses the AZERTY keys? I’ve personally never heard of that layout.


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    WER <3

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    AZERTY is mostly used in France Belgium and Switzerland and I must admit that it sucks for games or 3D softwares :

    Not as bad as QWERTZ through but it’s a bit like using the imperial system while everybody is using the metric system (Americans, if you read me ;-).

    A few software has a QWERTY / AZERTY option or auto-detection which is nice (would make a good addon).

    Changing the default OS layout is another possibility (mainly for games) but it creates the exact inverse problem when switching to other software (like Photoshop where ctrl+A would simply “Close” Photoshop and not “Select All” since A & Q are inverted; such mess).

    Hopefully the BforArtists shortcuts are relative so it’s possible map ZER (on AZERTY) and still use the Z axis lock after activating Translate.

    This section of the Manual becomes extremely useful if you try to keep the Blender shortcuts, make the BforArtists changes AND support AZERTY Layout : https://www.bforartists.de/wiki/Quickstart#changes

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    All those different keyboard layouts is a real pain. We have the same problem with german and american keyboard layout, where z and y is reversed. Unfortunately we can just support one of it.

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