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    Hi blender-girl,

    Many thanks for the question. A *.com file is definitely not from us. We officially offer a zip file and a installer exe for Windows as a download. And also the linux versions does not come with a *.com as an ending. It’s *.tar.gz, *.deb and *.appimage. And mac has *.dmg. May i ask you where you got the *.com version from?

    Our setup exe differs from the Blender version. They use an MSI installer, made with a tool called NSIS. While we offer a executable made with another open source tool called Inno Setup. It is simply easier to handle. The result is in both cases that you have a regular Windows installer though. Coming with an uninstaller to remove the software if you not longer need it.

    But as told, *.com is definitely not from us. And as also told, i am curious where you found this one. We might need to take action here. Have you virus scanned the file? How big is it? Our official installer is 229 Mb big …

    Kind regards


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