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No worries. Thanks for trying. Let’s hope that the coming version of Bforartists Mac version works better. However, I did some rendering speed tests with this ”xattr -cr” operated version of Bforartists 3.3.0, and compared the results with Blender 3.3.1 LTS.

Classroom test file. With Cycles GPU Render and 300 samples, 2K Image:

Blender Apple Silicon 3.3.1: 1.28.95 (Min, secs)

Bforartists Apple Intel 3.3.0: 1.28.19 (Min, secs)

With BMW test file and 1225 samples, 2K image:

Blender 40.48 sec

Bforartists 48.68 sec

So it seems that Rosetta 2 is not making the rendering speed any slower in Mac Intel version of Bforartists when comparing the results with the native Apple Silicon Blender version.

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