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Hey NigeC,

The problem in Bforartists is the same than in Blender since we rely at the german language pack from Blender. But i would never recommend to even try to use the german surface. The 3d specific terms and tool names are best used in english. Nobody knows what a Drahtgitter und Knoten is. But when you talk about a mesh and vertices, then everybody knows 🙂

But there is help in form of german 3d boards. First there is the 3d ring, where i am one of the admins. https://www.3d-ring.de/

And i am also from time to time active here: https://www.3d-board.de/wcf/

After the shut down of Blendpolis lots of people migrated to these two boards. And i am sure there are still some Blender 2.79 users left.

And last but not least, hier darf man auch Deutsch reden. Muss nicht englisch sein 😉

I can’t help you with the DLL problem though, sorry. Sometimes it’s simply time to let go. Windows 7 is too long end of life. And Blender 3 brings so much advantages over 2.79 to miss it out. The difference is dramatic. I would really ask him to upgrade. And be it to an actual Linux, in dual boot for example, in case he really doesn’t want to migrate to Win 10 or 11. Or Mac.

Kind regards



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