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Right now the user preferences are stored in the same way as Blender, with the version settings stored in sub-folders 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 etc. At this moment we are using settings from the 3.3 folder – in the User Preferences folder. You can access this folder from the Edit menu. This is from the latest release of 3.2.1 of Bforartists. Version 3.1.3 works with the folder 3.2. We are usually a point number ahead of Blender since we fork from Master.

If you’d like the same version of Bforartists with different configurations or preferences, you can use Application Templates, which will load different hotkeys, themes, addons and preferences – and after being configured correctly, would be available from the File menu each with their own system. You can even customize the splashscreen.

Here is the official Blender documentation on it, but should be a similar workflow with Bforartists:

Here is a more in depth tutorial on how to do it, even with custom python on first load.

Hope that helps.

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