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1. Concerning the context menu entry for Inset, maybe this could be created as an issue in the tracker. We removed it because it’s now a double and legacy entry, which is redundant and bloat concerning the GUI. We try to keep things as minimal as possible with as few double entries as possible, with priority of minimization mostly in hard to discover right click menus putting priority in top level GUI as a design choice for discoverability and ease of use (no hidden operators in floating menus), also the argument that single mouse over and click at a known loacation vs click then zig zag through floating dynamic menus and sub menus should be intentional design – thus the toolshelf and custom tool header. The other argument is that the modal method of inset is only accessible via hotkey and the toolshelf – so can’t be listed in the right click context menu. The older inset method is also legacy operator from Blender, which technically is slated to be phased out by Blender eveeeeeentually – but maybe we could do an exception for you. I’ll make a tracker issue to debate it, at least maybe add the default hotkey for it or “Add back legacy sub-menus to Context Menus”.

2. The reason for not including it is that the Bforartists keymap is intentionally minimal to allow for user customization, since the Keymap manager as it stands has little or no way to conflict check, no visual assignment, little or no access to the API to assign things  – so best to keep it bare bones for easier user customization. Blender hasn’t updated that system in nearly a decade now. We could make an issue to add a few more industry compatible hotkeys to the Bforartists defaults – but if anything you can always switch to the Blender or Industry compatible hotkeys without using Bforartists default keymap. The splashscreen shows a method to change keymaps, or you can do it directly in the preferences. There are some options there. Is the toggle quad view the only hotkey you’d like in the defaults? Do you have any others?