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Hi Draise, thanks for the answers. Some points:

1 – I was talking about the “Face Context Menu” (the one you get when you click the right mouse button when you are using the Blender or Industry Standard Keymap) not the face menu. I saw the inset in the legacy part there as you said.

The inset tool it is still in the Face Context Menu in Blender 3 but not on Bforartists. If you come from C4D or Maya, this is bad, because in both programs you can get the inset either with a Right click or Shift-Right Click. You should put the Inset back in the “Face Context Menu”.

2 – Yes, i saw the Quad View command there and that’s how I assigned a shortcut. But why did you take it out form the list in the preferences? It just made the user’s life harder for no reason.