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Thank’s for the reply BFA. So i know that BforArtists version 1.0.0 is based on Blender version 2.79b. It’s real nice that it is still here the version 1 for windows 32 bit and 64 bit. This also with the great pdf guide of more then 2700 pages.

I can say that fiew days ago because of your reply, that i indicated BforArtists version 1 with the pdf guide for it. This with the Milkshape3d addon. Spoken at: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/threads/bforartists-with-milkshape3d-addons.21131/

I can say from there stats, that there is already more then 25 views already. That’s nice because i am still glad to promote BforArtists, having a free 3d modeling software that is more intuitive, that can be i think even used on a usb key as portable; also that is more mouse click rather than keyboard shotcuts. BforArtists is an amazing great software. Keep continuing the great work!

I have tried to find the source code for BforArtists 1.0.0, because of the gpl license; so that i can share/distribute the software with no modifications. It could help BforArtists have more peoples help, but sadly i dont know where to put the link to the source code for BforArtists version 1.0.0. Maybe some would like to create the ms3d addon for later versions. So i think that i cannot share or distribute sadly, because cant link to the source code.

Thank’s for your time and thank’s for your help. A+