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Hi Reiner,

Thank you for your reply.  I understand and so I start to wonder solutions  apart from the UI then . Something like extended version of this addon: https://github.com/Pullusb/viewport_timeline_scrub .

About “side bar”, sorry about that. I meant “scroll bar” which are located on the right side and the bottom of the timelines. These could be useful for other menus but for someone who had to use several timelines(dope sheet, grease pencil etc.) in the same time , they are taking so much space. Also while animating in single timeline , it is very easy to move them accidentally. Only viewing markers inside this marked red areas could be exception but again I  wish there could be an option to hide them as well. I tried to figure it out that in the image below and hope this is not a core function as well.

I am very glad that I found your site and very happy for using bforartists :). I can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards,


timeline areas