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No problem Reiner. You sing better than me, i have not pratice for such a long time. The last time i remember i was singing in front of near 75 peoples on a stage in a church that was rented. It was for a good cause, to rise some funds for some organism.

The song i had sing was based on the same music of a song called (Trois petit coups “author: Johnny Farago”). But it was the same music theme but my own words. About the song…. Well you know in life, there are peoples that complain of noise because neighbour. So i have think to create a song with my own words. But….

The song was about a guy that complaining, because the neighbour was making love too loud. (That was my song subject). With the same music of (Trois petits coups). You can easy imagine, near 75 peoples in the audience hearing me sing the song of my self complaining; because the neighbour are too much noisy when they make love. Complaining because they bang there bed on my wall.

There was me singning, a drummer; and a player on a synthesizer electronic piano. When my sing was finished, there was 3 peoples that aborded my self; saying that they loved the french song i composed. Because it’s rare you hear a song of a guy that complaining because the neighbour make love too loud. They have found my song very funny, telling me it have givin them a smile. Also told me they found that my composition was real refreshing, because of all the funny words. They could easy visualize mentally the words i sing. Bringing them laugh and smiles.

If i would be much much available, i would like to have a musician friend as yourself. Because there are songs, i could write the words of sad moments in my life. This to help me release some suffering of the past. I found singning when you have something on your heart, like a release of the heart as magic.

Maybe i could write some words, that you could sing for me. Like on some compact audio cd, you see the name of the author of the song, the name of the signer; and names of the compositors-producers. Songs about things i have lived, and songs about things that peoples lived.