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Hi denim7,

Because we have no other choice 🙂

We are aware of the bug problem. That’s the reason why we usually not release a new Bforartists version until Blender releases one. Since this means that the number of bugs in the Blender master should be at a minimum.

Yes, i know, we have some Blender bugs onboard since we rely on the Blender Master. And we have of course thought of this. But we can’t base Bforartists at a Relase version or even a LTS one, sorry. This would complicate the workflow a lot. And we don’t have the forces to work on two or three products simultaneously. Plus the LTS version would mean to be two years behind, in worst case.

Most bugs are harmless, more in the range of annoying. We always release a point release version in case we really run into a show stopper bug with Bforartists. There will be a Bforartists 2.9.2 shortly since we have such a case at the moment. But this is a very very rare case. We had this in the last six years two or three times. And there is always the next developer version of Bforartists in case everything else fails.

Kind regards


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