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Yeah, I had the same fears, but I have been having someone in my studio team investigate on how to work the code, and eventually we will have another developer who is able to do frequent merges and updates over time, it’s just.. studying and investment in time and talent – I have my career kinda migrated and dependant on Bforartists, so as long as I’m in business… there may be a backup. That is the beauty of opensource – and also the extra freedom with a repository on Github. Also, Reiner is a bamph and has had this alive for a very long time now, many years now. I wouldn’t worry about it, and enjoy the Blender features with the BFA UI philosophy. The Blender workflow isn’t removed with this fork, it’s just exposed and optimized really. You can even migrate Bforartists hotkeys to Blender if ever the day comes, if ever.