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Hi unkerjay,

Let’s see if i can answer some of your questions here.

Bforartists was never meant to act and behave like Blender. It is not Blender, it is Bforartists. And when you are used to Blender then it is of course like buying a new car where everything has moved. It is in fact a different car 🙂

The Bforartists keymap is not this dramatically different. Mainly the navigation is setup so that you only need the mouse for navigating. Plus a few other minor adjustments like the tab key, or that we use wer instead of grs keys.

But when you struggle with the Bforartists keymap, then you can easily switch to the Blender keymap. It can also be set to select with right mouse, wich is not this easily possible with the Bforartists keymap. The improvements at the panels and menus remains though. And quite a few things are not where you know them from Blender. Or not longer there at all. There is a general rule of thumb: textmenus and tools at the left side, options and settings at the right side.

We don’t tab. We jump directly to the right mode with the right hotkey. 1 is Object mode, 2 is Edit mode, and so on.

We have a bunch of learning videos linked from within Bforartists in the Help menu.


We also have a complete manual that is really fully searchable here: https://www.bforartists.de/bforartists-2-reference-manual/

And we have a highly active discord server where you might get the help that you need!

I hope this helps you with your first steps in Bforartists 🙂

Kind regards


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