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Goddammit, I wrote a bunch of stuff from my quick investigation, then hit back, and didn’t save the text.

So these errors are related to issues with write to RAM, either by bad RAM seating, voltage, heating, or the culprit driver or configuration of the OS that tries to write to RAM but fails.

Since you were testing the ram sticks one by one, and doing memtests on each, maybe they still are failing due to the way the board is talking to them. In bios, you could check the voltage allotment, or then maybe it is the power supply. The other is, even with a fresh install and you’ve updated drivers everywhere – there may be a default driver even from a peripheral that could cause the issue to the write to RAM. In this case checking for driver conflicts needs to be done.

But you may have done all the software and OS driver testing and ram testing, and harddrive testing, so something is up with the voltage since a particular driver or the OS can’t write to RAM correctly causing the BSO. Maybe the SSD’s failing is a symptom of bad voltage also.

Have you done this to check driver conflicts?
open cmd or PowerShell and then run “verifier.exe /standard /all”

Here is a link, one of many, that explains some of the above.


Have you checked ram voltage allotment to the RAM in the BIOS if you still have access to that?

Reminds me of one of my last sagas years back.
1. BSOD, reinstall, still had issue.
2. did Harddrive checks, Driver and Memory Checks, things checked out.
3. Ram swap and componant isolation checks. No blue screens, but was only working with slow ram.
4. Switched back to old faster ram stick, then did a BIOS voltage check, it was badly configured.
5. Fixed the blue screens for the time being, but got another blue screen later based on graphics – repeated the troubleshooting process
6. In the process, I took out graphics card and used internal graphics of the motherboard to test
7. Motherboard graphics was dying and failing, causing more BSOD issues, the warning signs
8. Switched back to external graphics for the time being, disabled onboard graphics – that mitigated a bit
9. It was stable a while then the external graphics card died also and the mother board died shortly after, finally. Got a new board and powersupply and new graphics card, fortunately had a client gig that could pay for it, now no problems.

I think it was possibly the way I had the power supply configured, or power cuts at the time from lightning, or through a bad bios that was hurting everything… With the more expensive component: larger higher grade PSU and new board from another brand with another chipset fixed that up. Later I got new ram after these ones later died also, probably from the bad voltage. Now with all new components, everything went stable with that machine.

Since it’s multiple codes that are somewhat relevant concerning memory management and write, it might not just be the simple fix for one of the codes.. so.. meh.. thinking out of the box might be needed. No one solution fits all….

All in all, I have some spare cash on Paypal that I could send you if you need anything for components, just let me know in PM. Hate to see you in this, just wanna help. :good: