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I think i have nailed it down to either the motherboard or the power supply. Given that it is really the hardware. Everything else is either tested to death, or i have tested it with a substitute.

What i did so far in the last two weeks:

Googled to death, no luck. The errors can be everything.
Virus scan. Of course. Windows Defender is running permanently too.
Hardware tests with more than one tool for all possible components. Ram, processor, graphics card, hard drives.Ran DXDiag, ran sfc /scannow, and so on.
Installed Windows inplace, porting the old settings and software
Installed Windows inplace from scratch, without porting anything
Installed Windows at my second SSD, from scratch. Interesting observation here: it crashed every five minutes. Ways worse than with the original system drive. This one crashes every three to four hours.
Updated all drivers and flashed the UEFI to the newest version. Had A-XMP off and on here.
Uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled them one by one.
Installed studio driver and game ready driver and an older version of the driver at my graphics card.
Waited for the next windows update in hope that it fixes the issue.

Posted at the Windows community, as told above.

Replaced the graphics card by my old one
Ran the system with just one ram bar at a time
Had just one of my two hard drives active at a time.
Had the cooler removed from the processor to check if it is a heat problem with the thermal paste. Had to do this anyways, since one of the ram bars is below the cooler.

Processor is tested to death. And it crashes no matter if it is under full power or in idle. This means i am currently down to the two told components that i cannot test. Power supply and motherboard. And it can still be Windows. Maybe it has become incompatible with one of my hardware components.

Searching for a new power supply now. Dunno what to do with the motherboard though. It is just ten months old, and has still warranty. But sending it back without a clear diagnostics can cause two things: warranty rejected, and in worst case months without a motherboard. Not a happy bunny with that. And you surely neither 😀

I think best is to buy a motherboard first to make clear that it is really the faulty component. But first the power supply.


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