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Also… have you tried installing to another harddrive? I have had diagnostics not find issues on harddrives, but had one bad drive glitch my system out with bluescreens before – though it targeted a graphics dll and windows systems dll’s also, that was also a frustrating experience – swapping it out fixed that. In general, over the years I’ve learnt that, regardless of the dll or software issue, a bluescreen has generally been a hardware failure, a dirty contact, a failing component, etc – swapping out chunks of the machines really helps to target and test which one it could be through a process of elimination. But me here is just just shooting in the dark, hoping you win.

God, I know the pain. I wish I could just get you a new machine somehow.

A friend of mine with another AMD chipset just went with linux Manjaro cause his bluescreens just wasn’t solveable even with new components (minus graphics), nor latest drivers and OS reinstallations like you. Nothing wrong afterwards, his linux just pushes through hardware limitations in a stable mannor. I went with Intel chipsets and have never gotten bluescreens again in years. I can hardly remember the last blue screen.