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I agree with you BFA, there are more 3d modeling software package; and many of them are not free.

BforArtists and Blender is free and it is a modeling software that you can create 3D animations.

Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3D Studio is “not free”. There have some free versions as Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool v7.5 and v6.01 (for personnal use and not for money making if i’m correct).

Cinema4D is a software from the company Maxon and if you go on there website, you should notice on there page the word (Buy); prooving that the software is not free.

As for the software Poser it is on PoserSoftware website and if you look at there website you see the word (store) and (buy) and (try). This indicate also that the software is not free.

Dont know why you indicate it is free Brengkesan? For me Free mean you can use it “full” and use it for “personnal and commercial use” with no limitations and restrictions.

There is a software that you can make some characters and “i think” it is free. It work with the software Blender and because BforArtists is based on Blender, then it might be compatible with BforArtists also i guess. The software is called: MakeHuman from the website MakeHumanCommunity.

Thank’s for the time to read. A+