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I was just about to share this…. I like that they are polishing things to a degree… but that polishing is… HOTKEYS. WTF!? I prefer a mouse over button and have been using a completely different solution for that kind of thing.

But I think this would be preaching to the choir – we all know I’m a big BFA fan.

I’m still not a big fan of the modifier stack system in general – huge stacks are.. not a great UX in general… I’ve been using the Modifier List addon for ages now – I wish anything stack related worked this way, very happy with it. It also adds functionality to the modifiers that just make sense, like really good boolean managing concerning viewport toggles and things, etc. I should propose it in the tracker one day for UX.

I think a stack should be shown in the same way particle systems, vertex groups, and anything with a box should be shown. I also think a modifier should be shown once with all it’s buttons exposed, and reordering done there… but that’s my own opinion.

There also is a modifier search, which has been super useful.

The very idea that the addon community is so alive for this is testament that the opensource development for the source has a gateway…