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“helping at the code base or the documentation”

I cant code… but i can be useful on the documentation side, i went through them… and found some things that can be improved:

Problem: Piles of dense text that can benefit from a clear way to visually navigate through.


  •  More compact organization and improved text formatting.
  •  Condensing information by eliminating wasted white space.
  •  Organization design based on blocks: Where each subject gets its own Block… like a parent-children relationship.

Goal : to help the reader visually navigate through the provided information.

I will start studying this and working on a proposal. – ETA 2 Weeks


“we are always in need of new splash screens”

I will think of a design expressive of Bforsrtist’s philosophy.

But main focus will be on the docs for now…


“You could also have a look if you find some icons to improve.”

Is there a template, color palette, workflow available?

If yes… I could rely on them to keep consistency…


Also i am proficient in music production and mixing… i can be useful in:

  • Mixing sound and vocal treatment of tutorial videos or podcasts
  • Background music and sound effects

If i can be useful on that front let me know :good:

I work full time and i am on my final year of university… progress will be slow but dedicated 😉