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Hi scifi-nut,

There is no such version, sorry. You could create a workspace with a reduced toolset for your needs. But to do that you would first need to learn to work with the current version, and how to modify the workspaces.

Of course it is a bit of a shock first when you open Bforartists the first time. So much tools and settings. But the Bforartists interface is already simplified in many areas compared to Blender. And we will continue to do so. We cannot remove everything though. The tools must stay accessible somehow 🙂

Bforartists is unfortunately not trueSpace. The whole software differs under the hood too much from good ol tS. And the tools works in many areas completely different. And this all makes it impossible to create a second trueSpace from Blender source code. We have to work in big parts within the bounds of the Blender UI code. The good news here is that you can even follow Blender tutorials once you understood the concept.

I would suggest to watch our quickstart videos once they are completed. I work at the moment at them. And a few are already available. It will give you a good entry into how Bforartists works. And i will cover all needed steps. Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering. But please give me a few weeks. This task is very time consuming.

The quickstart videos can be called from within Bforartists, in the Help menu.

Kind regards

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