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hi !


There is NO AppData\roaming\bforartists folder.

There was one once.

Before I start this thread, I’ve browse this help forum, and saw somebody talking about this appdata\bforartists folder. I was thinking about it, too. So I deleted the appdata\roaming\bforartists folder ( the only one existing) and certainly created by bforartists v1.00.

Since that moment, there is no new bforartists folder created in appdata\roaming.

I ‘ve started again the v1.00 and used it a little bit, but did not created any folder in  \roaming… (But the soft start an d is perfectly usable)

I’ve downloaded dev version : same result. It takes a more long time with the grey window covering the screen before crashing, but it crash and no roaming\new folder created again.

Strange, because it was there before!

I am the only user of this PC and I’ve got all admin rights.


I can restore this folder ( still in the trash), if you want .

Console log is the same as before ( see it in attachement )