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Draise, i think you posted this one in the wrong section ^^


Thanks for your patience and testing emaen. Okay, let’s go through the possible trouble makers.

Have you tried the portable version of BFA2 too? Maybe it’s a rights issue with the installer.
Have you a antivirus software running that may block Bforartists?
Have you turned off and on your p … just kidding ^^

Have you ever worked with the console at Windows? This is the way to catch the needed error message. Don’t be scared, it is not as hard as it looks.

Start Commandline. In the start menu in the search field tpye in cmd.

Navigate to the folder with the bforartists.exe. to switch to another drive type in the drive letter followed by colon . For example:


Now you are at drive K. Copy the path where the bforartists.exe is in.

Type in cd. cd is the command to change directory. And then paste in the path. Something like:

cd K:\bforartists\bforartists_build64\bin\Release

Start the bforartists.exe y typing in the name of the exe. Which is bforartists. So you type:


And when Bforartists closes down you will read an error code in the console in case it is really a crash. I don’t have a crash, so i have just the normal startup messages here.

In general, i can unfortunately just fix what i can reproduce. Let’s hope that we can find the cause here :/



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