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I join an image of BforArtists v2. You will notice that i try many things.

The steps i have done (to experiment texturing)…

First i have my model, then go into edit mode, after go into Smart Uv Project. Next i click on the UV tab that make apear the faces. After i then choose open image (the image should be put on the model). On my UV there is a simple cube that have 6 faces. I have put just to test some baby image on a floor, that is under the 6 cubes faces. If i’m correct the place where there is the cubes faces should show the baby image under on the cube that is onto the grid. But dont know why i dont see it the baby parts on the cube.

The Viewport Shading is clicked “white ball with red squares” just beside the UV as shown on the image. So i should see the baby on the cube “Material Preview”. But i see some other texture, that by experimenting you see on the cube a texture “test texture” covering the cube as in the image. Later i might ask creating some animated characters that has some texture onto and make them in the “animation tab” as some movie or maybe for games.

Thank’s for your time and help.