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Thanks very much BFA. You are right putting texture mode i have seen the texture. But there is a texture that dont apear. I wonder if there is a way to flip 180 degree a face, i think it might explain why i dont see the texture; maybe the texture is inside rather then outside. So knowing how to flip a face might help, and it could be a good thing to add in my guide.

Beside i have notice a bug or glitch into the software. I dont think it is because of BforArtists since i have open it with Blender v2_82a, the latest and i cant subdivide some face i want. I have done a printscreen of it also i have put a zipped file of the blender file with into the printscreen. Maybe you could know what i do bad? Maybe something to indicate to Blenderartists (not mentionning BforArtists) so that they dont attack yourself.

If your curious here is the link to the zipped blender file i have created:


I also join the printscreen image here, so maybe just with the image you might understand.