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I fear i wasn’t clear enough. I love your enthusiasm. But your feature request makes no sense at all, sorry. Even when you would be able to export to psd, you would still just export the picture of a wire. And the file format png is more than sufficient for that. It makes also no sense workflowwise to split your uv patches into layers. You would make yourself more work than you need to.

I do not recommend to post anything Bforartists related at the troll community Blender Artists. Even when this is the official Blender forum. They have once attacked me with all possible and impossible weapons when i started the fork. And discredited me as a pedophile, sex offender and rapist for no other reason than to stop me forking Blender and to stop others to join this project. In this regards they were even successful. Who wants to join a project that is under permanent attack …

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