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Thank’s for helping BFA-Reiner, i appreciate very much. Maybe for yourself it is not much needed that i tell you that i appreciate yourself very much, but for me it is very important to mention it. There are peoples around the world that dont appreciate peoples sadly, you know that it is true.

It’s been almost 2 month that have passed on a forum beside others that i’m onto, and there is near of 3500 views already about the free basic bforartists pdf guide. At this time the basic modeling guide has 39 pages and there will be more pages to come. Then next pages i intend to put is exporting the Pack Islands UV image, import in Gimp to creating a texture; then import in BforArtists for texturing the model.

A “suggestion”. It would be great even fantastic if into BforArtists v2 there would be some plugin function to export the Pack Islands Uv map image. So that it “auto-create” a PSD file for the popular Adobe Photoshop CS2 software and for Gimp version 2.10.12 (that i have). That the image file would create a layer for each faces zones. So like that the user just have to fill a layer forming the face zone, with Adobe Photoshop CS2 or Gimp. Then from one of these softwares export the PNG file to import into BforArtists. Yup it would be great this function to export the UV mapped texture, that auto-create a layer for each face zone; and export it for thoses softwares.

If you want you can take a look of what have been done of my free pdf guide, the url link is the same. I have just replaced (updated) with the new recent pdf file. It’s not finished the none official basic 3D modeling guide with BforArtists. It’s a good thing that you have givin me the press kit (images) that i used for the background design look of the pages i have created.