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Ive got to say that there are peoples on other forums that read and try the guide and give me some comments about it. Because of so i have changed some pages, they have make me notice things into some pages of the free pdf guide. So i learn and update the guide. I even think to maybe share it with some schools as a basic modeling “not official” free pdf guide about BforArtists. This should rise even more the popularity of BforArtists. Thank’s very much BFA-Reiner to help me explaining step by step things to do. You are a great person!

I wonder if there is some way to do a “not loop cut”, but a “select loop”. Like if i have a bottle made of a cylinder with some extrudings. Rather than circling around the model to click on some faces (shift-click) turning around the model for the model faces selected. If there is some “select loop tool” for selecting faces or edges that are all around the model?