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Hm, i am no friend of threads that covers all. Lots of questions just leads to lots of answers and makes the further discussion harder. But i’ll do my best to answer your questions.

So if i’m correct, applying the scale before extruding, make the extruding equal in distance?

Indeed. Since the scale factor is now 1 for every face again.

The thing is that on the elements of the scene, i wander how to make apear in the element of the scene: Cube and Cube2 model?

Sorry? I don’t understand your question 🙂

Next thing suppose that one cube is the wheel of a car, extruding this cube to be the next wheel beside. Then how to extrude “both” individual cubes (at the same time) to make the 2 other wheels? Like 2 front cubes and 2 back cubes? So into the elements of the scene there is Cube, Cube2, Cube3 and Cube4.

Hm, why do you want to extrude them out? Just duplicate them, and move them in place 🙂

Also i wander how to create these 4 aligned cubes, and that into the elements of the scene; there is only writen Cube once?

In Ram? There are some techniques that allows to work with internal instances. But even i would need to make some researches first. I never had a use for it.

Or do you mean to join the meshes into one? This is done with the Join command. See Object menu.

Or do you mean parenting? This is done with the parenting menu. See Object menu.

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