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I agree there is many ways to do things. I think about my free milkshape3d pdf guide, and it have taken me many months of research on the web and many experiments; to create a great and simple step by step guide. A guide that is easy to understand, simple and effective.

If you take a look at it, you’ll maybe understand this old guide. I did not have much knowledges of creating guides in those times, i still have some lack of knowledges. Looking the pages images and reading the text’s you should notice that it is step by step instructions, that is real easy to understand and to follow.


My stats show that my free pdf guides is known worldwide and still used.

The things i want to learn with bforartists is for the free pdf guide i’m planning and that i build. Of course i’ll try to do also some experiments, do some search’s; brief make a basic modeling guide. Create a cube, a pyramid, a sphere. Split a choosen edge or face. Make some side by side edges or faces make one edge or face. Moving the edges, moving the faces, extruding, uv mapping to put a texture on a basic model. Not talking about rigging, animating, scripting; just basic simple things to do, with basic mouse clicks and steps.

Later with your help and other peoples help, make intermediate and advanced guides about bforartists.

Thank’s to peoples help as your self, i know that it will take very much time. But the results will be that the popularity of bforartists will rise certainly. I can say and confirm that because im on other forums, and on one of the forum i have writen near 1 month ago about bforartists and there is more than 1300 views already.