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I have tryed the loop cut and i have understand that it cut trough the hole 3D model form. It cut all the model horizontal or vertical. In Bforartists v1 you can say “after” the cut is made how much horizontal or vertical slices, but in version 2 the user must indicate how much slices cut before clicking. Its something i have notice the number of slices, but did not know about the loop cut tool. Thank’s!

I still try to understand how to make the “selected” face or edge splitted or cutted. I have tryed the knife for a face, wich make some lines of cut; but when i left mouse click the lines disapear? I have tryed your instructions.

For the edge split tool, what i have done is: edit mode, select an edge, then clicked the edge split icon (an icon with two oposite red triangles). I hope that the image will help you make me understand what i could do wrong?

Also i wonder if there is some mouse coordination when you move the mouse? Like when you move the mouse X and Y and Z axes, there is something when you move the mouse that the number X Y Z changes; brief the mouse cursor position when you move the mouse in the scene.

Thank’s. A+