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I try to understand how to subdivide an edge, like in 2 edges or more.

This is done in edit mode by the Edge Split tool in the Edge menu.

Also i try to understand how to subdivide a face in many faces. Like split in two faces horizontal or vertical, even into more faces as 3 columns of two faces as example

In BforArtists v1 what i see is: Object or Mesh, then Subdivide, then Subdivision Set (ctrl 0/crtl 1/crtl 2/etc). In BforArtists v2 i see similar but its not writen (ctrl 0/crtl 1) its writen (Level 0/Level 1/etc)

The name of the operators has changed in the menu. The functionality is the same. The hotkeys is the same.

For dividing faces you might also want to have a look at the Loop Cut tool in Edit mode. Or the Knife tool.

Also how to select 2 or more edges side by side to make one edge. The same goes to select two faces or more side by side to make it as one face.

Depends of what you want to do. Have a look at the Mesh menu in edit mode. The sub menu Dissolve contains a few tools that allows you to merge such things. There is also the Bridge Edgeloops tool in the Edge menu.

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