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I have done so far 15 pages. It is put on my Google Drive. It indicate for BforArtists version 1 and version 2 how to move, rotate, scale a cube. It also indicate how to move, rotate, scale a part of a cube as corner, edge, face.

The next thing i try to learn by seiing your Youtube videos, but maybe you can help me to know how to…

Split an Edge of a cube in 2 edges or more, wich make multiples corners.

Rejoin edges together, like 2 or more edges selected that make 1 edge.

Split a face vertical or horizontal or both in 2 pieces or more

Rejoin faces that are selected side by side, that make 1 face.

It’s the next thing i try to learn into BforArtists version 1 and 2.

Thank’s for your time and help.