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Thank’s for letting know. Making BforArtists more mouse click rather than keyboard keys click, your going the right path thats for sure. Also making some window open when the mouse pass over a section, describing what it is is the right path also.

An other thing i like is that BforArtists version 1 and BforArtists version 2 is not in the same directory or mixed. This make peoples able to use version 1 and version 2. Because there are softwares that replace a previous version.

Yup making it more mouse click is the good way to do it! Why?

Well in a world where peoples have not much time to do things (groceries / pay bills / work / etc), they dont have time to learn many keyboard keys to understand a software. Also softwares that are more user friendly, bring much more interrest in peoples; that’s a fact!

I’m sure that trough time i’ll have more suggestions to help your self bring more peoples into your software BforArtists.

As i did for the software Templatetoaster.com, they have listen to my suggestions and have done the things ive said. Doing else could have lost customers interrest. In a previous version of there software Templatetoaster, the software could be only opened when the user had an internet connexion. I have told to them to make it possible to use it and open it “offline”. I have said that suppose that a person that have buyed there software to create webpages, simply go at a restaurant to do a business meeting with a customer. They open the soft Templatetoaster to create webpages and the software because no internet connexion wont open and crash in front of the customer. What they the buyer of the software will think about there software? It was obvious that they had made the changes and had to do the changes to make it usable offline and they have listen to my suggestions.

Keep goind BforArtists your going the right path that for sure.


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