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Of course it will be of great use. The guide i’m planning is for basic modeling, maybe later more guides but advanced. Basic things like creating a cube (rotating/moving), rotating from some point, moving from some point. Also moving a corner of a cube, moving an edge of a cube. Subdividing and extruding a face. Its the things i think about. Brief basic modeling.

I’m not much good with Blender and i’ll need help with BforArtists. I already have indicated to peoples from an other forum website, how to turn On the addon Milkshape3D. Ive indicated:

Top menu “File” then from it “User Preferences”. Next there is tab called “Addon”, clicking the (search magnify glass) typing as a search “ms3d”. Then checkmark the Milkshape3D addon box, after the button (save user preferences).

I can say that ive already bring peoples interrest into BforArtists and mentionned the website here. Ive spoken about it on a forum at: http://www.gopinball.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=27905

If you look the writings you will notice that peoples has an urge for me creating a guide about BforArtists. Because many peoples know that the ways i explain things as softwares is more easy than many peoples; that’s what they say. For me it’s important that my writing is simple, clear, logical and effective. Also that i test by my self my writings as if i have not write the guide. This place me in the position of the reader and ensure my self that everythings should be all right for everyone.