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Thank’s for letting know BFA

I hope that Bforartists 2 will have the game engine, that was abandonned in Blender?

Reading the comments on some forum, peoples find sad that Blender has taken out the game engine.

Here is the look i have done and i have put it on my google drive at:


You see on the repeating logo in the middle, i have put the color white over; but with some percentage transparency. This let see under the white color the logo that repeat.

I have put some texture at the top and at the bottom. Between is the zone where there will be images and text.

I plan at the bottom to simply put the word “Table” so when the user click on any pages it goes to the Table page. On the same line i plan to put a page counter like: page 4 of 30, page 7 of 30, as example.

The table is the last step that i do, i also think about the possibility of bookmarks or/and thumbnails; as i did in my Free TT Mini Pdf Guide. There is much i must think about and plan. This beside my ways of life as: Groceries, Work, pay my bills, etc.

But one thing for sure without the peoples help to learn Bforartists, i cannot do much.

I wonder what you think about the look that ive made? It’s important for me to know.