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Well its because i respect authors and copyrights and that its important for my self to let it know. Also that i would like into my email the logo of BforArtists in big size and in great graphic quality like 300 dpi (dots per inch). Also have the “bforartists” also in big size and big quality into my email as an attatchment.

If you have looked at the background of my “MameWah” guide, you will notice that there logo is in big size. My idea is to put the logo (three blue drops) with the text “bforartists” in big size in the background. But for that i need the logo and text in big size and in great graphic quality. So that if a user zoom-in or zoom-out the page, the graphic quality wont be much lost. But doing a printscreen of the logo on this page and trying to put it bigger, it gonna become very pixelized.

I know that a good quality for the web is 72 dpi, photo quality is 300 dpi; me for creating pdf i mostly put images that has 96 dpi but is also big sized in pixels. Why not 300 dpi and more 96 dpi? Simply because when i make a free pdf guide with images of 300 dpi beside 96 dpi, the document weight much less with 96 dpi; but is also at some point good for zoom-in and out.

An other thing i’ll need is the experienced Blender users but mostly the BforArtists experienced users. I have tryed to learn many videos about Blender and guides. Its way too much complicated also that i have some basic to nothing experiences into Blender. The videos online about Blender, you see and hear a guy doing things, but many times he/she dont say each steps (including the keyboard key pressed and mouse click pressed). Many guides that are said to be step by step are not easy step by step.

Note that if you try to find my self on Facebook, you wont find my self. You should find other peoples that has the same name as me.

So the two things ill need is the logo and bforartists of great quality and of big size into my email as an attatchement and the help of bforartists time/experienced users to learn things about the software.

Beside that if you want to read a funny joke that is on Ton twitter account. You can google:

Ton Roosendaal + Sylvain Favron

I’m not attatched to him, dont know him also in real life; but he is a nice guy.