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I have Blender 2.79 with that plugin installed, and the models open up with it to work with… but I’m not sure if the textures not applying is my fault (not being able to decipher Blender’s UI) or if there’s some unseen gripe with the models and textures.

While the plugin was created back then, it still functions for a majority of the content creators for NWN2. However, they’ve had years to struggle in learning Blender and frankly… I ain’t got time for that. 6 hours in tutorials didn’t get me anywhere, and that’s garbage. It’s why I headed this way, specifically for the promises of a better UI.

That said, I specifically downloaded BFA1 where it states “Bforartists 1 is based at Blender 2.79 b.”, which is the version of Blender I have installed because 2.8 invalidates 99% of tutorials available. Despite being Blender under the hood, it’s not working in BFA1 where it’s “working” in Blender 2.79b.

This is why I came to ask because it should work, but it doesn’t show up as an add-on to enable in the menu. I want to avoid getting Max, but that’s going to be my route here pretty soon. I want to love BFA as Blender deserves all the hate it gets for failing humanity with its UI… but if it can’t do this function I’m after, it’s useless, too.

I appreciate your time helping me!