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Thanks for getting back to me quickly. :)

Yes, correct. They are image / texture formats. However, in the game Neverwinter Nights 2, editing the models for this old crusty game require it to be in a .mdb format.

I’m attempting to isolate part of a model, and spent hours in Blender last night after following more than a dozen tutorials. Blender wouldn’t load any of the files from the source of the models I was using, and the content creators for this game have created a plug-in for importing/exporting .mdb files. After three hours, I managed to finally get the model to load, but the .dds textures were all black and wouldn’t load. I viewed the .dds files in GIMP to make sure they’re not corrupted or broken some how, and all of them are intact.

A few angry hours later of trying to get the texture to apply to the model, I ran across this program and the promised UI fixes and cleanup had me downloading/installing almost instantly. However, BFA doesn’t recognize any of the files in the folders of these models just like Blender wouldn’t until I installed the plug-in from the NWN2 vault.

This was why I was curious if BFA could open these files like Blender did, but perhaps in less than 6 hours of rage inducing demoralization. I *really* want to get into 3D modeling as I have some really awesome life improving ideas that I can’t sculpt in clay, so I wanted to cut my teeth on something hobby-level to learn instead of diving into professional prototyping.

If I provided a link to the plug-in for Blender, is there a means to review it to make something similar for BFA?