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The Raspberry Pi4 is so much better than the Pi3B+.

But it is only OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGLES 3.2, currently at ES3.0/ES3.1.

This means only BforArtists 1.0.0 will work on Pi’s. 

On a Pi4 with 4GB of ram the B4A 1.0.0 source can be compiled once the dependancies are installed.

Some dependancies that are probamatic in Linux must be skipped, oiio, openexr, ocio etc.

A” make lite” will then build BforArtists.

Interestingly, B4A 2/Blender 2.8.2 will compile but does not run and pops up a warning – OpenGL3.3 is not detected.

Could B4A 2 be forced to compile for OpenGLES 3.2?