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Yes, that’s some really nice news for the Blender development.

Well, for us nothing really changes. The Blender source code is and remains available. Means we can always merge the newest features into Bforartists. And i will continue with work as long as there is a need for the fork.

Blender devs have fixed quite a few things. They have now things like a icon only tool shelf, something that we had before years already. Some things are even improved over our old solutions. They have even tackled things like having tool name in the tooltip. The Blender UI has evolved to the good for quite a bit. But looking into the past has teached me that they will most probably now more and more stop fixing UI issues. And will return to throwing features at Blender again, adding them where is space. Which will most probably end in the usual UI mess again in five years. Well, yeah maybe they surprise us …

But this all shouldn’t bother us. We should have a easier life with working at the UI now for a while. At least as long as we don’t touch the core functionality. Which i don’t plan to. Bforartists is about the UI and usability.