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Please… Read my previous posts, where I describe the issue in details (and even with screen shots)… The CUDA backend is not detected by bforartists2 while it is for bforartists1 (when compiled in the exact same way on the same machine) and blender.
I also found out why; read my previous post “Hint about the GPU detection bug” about the bogus call to nvcc (nvcc, which is part of the CUDA toolkit used by developpers should not be needed at all and is certainly not needed with blender and bforartist1).

As for using a Linux VM to diagnose the bug, it is a bad idea since those VMs do not give access to the bare metal GPU (which is virtualized instead). You should try and boot from live Linux DVD (or USB key). You could even use a PCLinuxOS DVD and install the RPM packages both bforartists 1 and 2 from my site to reproduce the issue.