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I uploaded the RPM packages for Bforartists 2 alpha 3 on my site.

Note to developers: I *still* had to re-add files (from alpha 1 sources) that are missing from alpha 2 sources and cause a build failure: they are *.dat files in release/datafiles/blender_icons16 and release/datafiles/blender_icons32, that cause, when missing, a failure to build the png icons.

cmake error sample:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target '../release/datafiles/blender_icons16/icon16_decorate_library_override.dat', needed by 'release/datafiles/blender_icons16.png'. Stop.

Also, and while built in the same way and on the same build system as bforartists 1, the resulting binary is still unable to detect my GPU with bforartists 2 while it is properly detected as a CUDA device with bforartists 1 and blender v2.80… If you made any change to the GPU code when compared to blender’s, I’d recommend that you look into the corresponding commits because something got apparently (or rather, obviously) broken there…