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That’s what they want you to think about it. But Article 17 (formerly article 13) is really clear now. You have to filter. They don’t name the upload filter in this law, but technically there is no way around. You are just out when you are below a defined income AND less than five million users AND your page exists shorter than three years.

Note the “and” here? My page exists longer than three years. Means i have to filter now. I am not safe. And this will most probably lead to a shutdown of my forum and the gallery. I will definitely not install a Google Upload filter here. Or even worse, one from the european union.

An assumption from my side: What will happen is that this law hands us over to the big data miners. Because i can for sure not write my own upload filter software. And the upload filter will come. And the whole internet landscape will be dominated by the big players then. The DSGVO has already done a lot in this regards.

Well, we have now two years before this european law becomes local law in germany. We will see.

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