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Yeah, I might make a proposal. I am not a huge fan of Node Wrangler in itself, as it’s all mostly drop down menus and hotkeys to get to it’s functionality, but being GPL, maybe the essense can be forked for something BFA tailored – but will have to be a task for another day. It could be another addon/clone or just functionality added to core UI functioanlity with buttons within the same Relations tab (or the new toolshelf or a toolbar category).

I have a bunch of other things to report, but till I finish up this project I won’t just yet. They are noted with screencaps and all, just need to report them.

I have to admit, I feel more powerful and comfortable that I can start fixing things personally with the vision here… it has been liberating. Thanks for all the help getting my feet wet with developing. I watched a dev host a video on how to develop with Blender on youtube the other day, and the tortoise and git workflow here is hella lot easier and simpler. Even that is more artist (and developer) friendly, and I think this project is going places with that philosophy, so thanks again. But with that said, they have released a new default script for making toolbar buttons in Blender 2.8. Now I know we can modify/create buttons for the toolshelf.